2021 Farragut Baseball Sophomore /Freshman Team List 
Braylon Hall 
Charlie Bozeman
Jack Alley
Lukas Buckner 
Brennan Seigler 
Eli Evans 
Ben Johnson 
Jake Merrick 
Landis Davilla 
Griffin Mashburn 
Micheal Delph 
Matthew Kilby
Eli Miller 
Ashton Sulack 
Jonathan Venero 
Keaton Lyle 
Gavin Brewer 
Mark Underwood 
Jack Steed 
Kam Sanders 
Cooper Schulze 
Matthew Purvis 
Stratton Scott 
Braxton Lewis 
Kyle Harrison 
Charlie Wright 
Alec Daniels 
Roger McNeer 

Congratulations you are now a part of the Farragut Baseball program . If your name is not on this list and you would like to discuss this I will be available Monday from 6-8 August 10. I will not discuss the tryout prior to that or after that . Remember this will not change the decision about your child in anyway . I will give you a truthful honest evaluation of what I saw . I will not argue with you or talk about other kids on our team. If you did not make the team , you will be provided all opportunities to still work with the team in the fall and tryout again in the spring (February) . If your name is on this list please email our booster club president Rob Mashburn with all your family info . ( emails , phone number , address , etc) [email protected]
Matt Buckner 865-368-3141