Next Level Coaching Staffs continue to beat a path to Farragut High School for Baseball Talent. Call it Legacy, Reputation or maybe just HARD Work. If you sign an Admiral you are going to get someone who not only knows what work is but goes beyond what is required. Velo, launch angle, ERA, BA, OBP………you name the name the latest craze stat doesn’t provide the final grade. College Staffs faced with 11.7 Scholarships available grade out on GPA, Character, Work Ethic, Baseball IQ and yes even National TEST Scores. You cant afford to waste a “scholly”.

Balls on the wall help get the attention but the Ad Grads that have preceded this class over the last 2 Decades have set the Bar where Next Level Coaches know what they get when they sign an Admiral. Congratulation to this Class and their Parents and we know they will represent the Admiral Family in the Class Room and on and off the field. Great Job Gentleman. Now get back to work!

Matthew Delph – LHP – Roane State

Hunter Caywood – RHP – Roane State

Ben Zyburt – RHP – Roane State

Carter Gillette – CF – Tusculum University

Cal Stark – C – Navarro Junior College (Texas)

Adam Birkholz – LHP – East Tennessee State University

Drew Patterson – LHP – University of Tennesee

Ryan Hagenow – RHP – University of Kentucky

Also need to throw a big Congrats out to 3 Ads who are making BIG steps up from JUCO to the next level. Zach and Ben Joyce have joined the University of Tennessee and Jerry Hammons will be playing for Southeastern University in Lakeland, FL.