The Book on the 2020 ***Asterisk*** Season is closing. This is a Season that will be remembered for decades. This week the schedules and lot of 2020 data will be erased from the Web Site as new dates, new schedules, new WORK will begin to take form for the 2021 Season.

We must appreciate what we have learned in the last few weeks. Words and phrases like Pandemic, Quarantine, Social Distancing, Shelter in Place and NON-essential became common place. A lesson that cant be taken as a grain of salt; Baseball and Sports being NON-essential (as much as we may dislike it) pales in comparison to the larger picture of jobs, business and our Health. If anyone in the Admiral Family needs ANY form of assistance, please reach out to the Dugout President Brain Nussbaum.

We have a NEW appreciation for Family. Baseball aside, the rare Family Meals with nothing on the schedule was enjoyable…..ok for a while. The locked down time spent together was out of the norm, enjoyable, memorable and stressful all at the same time. Your brain has been taxed with this Home Schooling experience……..but enough about Mom and Dad!

The Admiral Baseball Team should have a renewed Appreciation for their opportunities. Over the years I have heard multiple Coaches ask their players To Stop. To Breathe. To look around the Ball Park at Farragut. To understand and Appreciate what they have and the work that many gave to provide it. And the WORK they have put in to get there. Due to no use, the field has never looked better and needs to have some grass tore up.

The Admiral Baseball Program does Appreciate our Seniors. Their shortened career in an Ad Uniform is tethered to No Graduation Ceremony and many other items a graduating class gets to experience their final year of Farragut High School. But even with all the adversity, this group of young men will represent their Families and go on to the next level in Baseball and more importantly Life. They leave an excellent record: 113-22 3 District Regular Season Titles 3 District Championships 2 Regional Championships 1 State Title

It is impossible to predict what the 2021 school year and Baseball Program schedule will look like going forward. In the coming weeks and months, another word will be needed – Patience.. But I do know this: The Dugout Club is hard at work planning and scheduling field and Program needs. The Staff is hard at work on several scenarios and will be flexible to adapt as needed. The returning players will take their workouts from home back to the friendly confines of The Ball Park at Farragut. And we will ALL have a renewed appreciation in whatever form it takes! Stay Healthy and Give Thanks!